Athletic Offerings

A Wide Range of Sports Opportunities
Explore our diverse athletic offerings, ranging from team sports to individual competitions. Students have the chance to excel in their chosen sports while learning important life skills that extend beyond the playing field.

The interscholastic athletic program at Our Savior, is an important part of the total educational program. It provides students the opportunity to learn and gain experiences that cannot be acquired except on the various playing fields in competition with others. It is here and under these conditions that the athlete can put into practice the Christian values and ethics taught in the classrooms, home, and church. Our Savior, in partnership with parents, seeks to administer to the student athlete by teaching Christian sportsmanship and instilling the attitude that one can both win and lose with dignity, and without boasting or excuse. Young athletes on the playing field demonstrate the physical abilities that God has blessed them with, and they can use these talents to bring God glory. By practicing good Christian sportsmanship, an attitude of wanting to do their very best, cooperation and teamwork with fellow team members, self-discipline and dedication, the Our Savior athlete makes the statement to everyone watching that they are Christian athletes using their gifts to glorify God while competing in Athletics.

  • Objectives of the Athletic Program The student athletes will:
  • Recognize their talents as blessings from God and will develop and use them in God pleasing ways.
  • Learn the skills and strategies associated with each sport.
  • Unselfishly recognize and respect the talents and abilities of others on their team and in the competing teams.
  • Display the values of Christian sportsmanship.
  • Develop the understanding and attitude to do their best, physically and mentally, for competition.
  • Accept the responsibility for the hard work and commitment necessary for being part of the team.
  • Have fun through physical activity.
  • Develop skills and a competitive mindset to compete at the next level, High School.