Policies & Procedures - Athletics

Letter from Your Athletic Director

Dear parents and athletes,

The administration and the coaches are happy that you have chosen to take advantage of the athletic opportunities that are offered at Our Savior Lutheran School. It is our hope that these experiences will be enjoyable and rewarding for you and that you will use them to build your Christian character and use your talents to the glory of God.

This handbook will provide you with understanding, purpose, organization and information about the various sports provided by the school.

Have a great season!

Doug Meissner

Athletic Director

Athletic Handbook

Purpose of Athletics

The interscholastic athletic program at Our Savior, is an important part of the total educational program. It provides students the opportunity to learn and gain experiences that cannot be acquired except on the various playing fields in competition with others. It is here and under these conditions that the athlete can put into practice the Christian values and ethics taught in the classrooms, home, and church.

Our Savior, in partnership with parents, seeks to administer to the student athlete by teaching Christian sportsmanship and instilling the attitude that one can both win and lose with dignity, and without boasting or excuse. Young athletes on the playing field demonstrate the physical abilities that God has blessed them with, and they can use these talents to bring God glory. By practicing good Christian sportsmanship, an attitude of wanting to do their very best, cooperation and teamwork with fellow team members, self-discipline and dedication, the Our Savior athlete makes the statement to everyone watching that they are Christian athletes using their gifts to glorify God while competing in Athletics.

Objectives of the Athletic Program

The student athletes will:

  • Recognize their talents as blessings from God and will develop and use them in God pleasing ways.
  • Learn the skills and strategies associated with each sport.
  • Unselfishly recognize and respect the talents and abilities of others on their team and in the competing teams.
  • Display the values of Christian sportsmanship.
  • Develop the understanding and attitude to do their best, physically and mentally, for competition.
  • Accept the responsibility for the hard work and commitment necessary for being part of the team.
  • Have fun through physical activity.
  • Develop skills and a competitive mindset to compete at the next level, High School.

Sports Offered

Our Savior offers the following interscholastic sports:


  • Coed Soccer (Jr Spartans) Grades pk-5
  • Girls’ JV Volleyball Grades 5-6
  • Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Grades 5-8
  • Boys’ Varsity Soccer Grades 5-8
  • Cross Country - Coed Grades 5-8
  • Golf - Coed Grades 5-8


  • T-ball (Jr Spartans) Grades pk-2
  • Lacrosse (Jr Spartans) Grades 3-5
  • Flag football (Jr Spartans) Grades pk-5
  • Cheer (Jr Spartans) Grades pk-3
  • Coed Volleyball (Jr Spartans) Grades 3-5
  • Girls’ JV Basketball Grades 4-6
  • Boys’ JV Basketball Grades 4-6
  • Girls’ Varsity Basketball Grades 5-8
  • Boys’ Varsity Basketball Grades 5-8


  • Coed Basketball (Jr Spartans) Grade pk-5
  • Cheer (Jr Spartans) Grade pk-5
  • Boys’ Varsity Flag Football Grades 5-8
  • Girls’ Varsity Soccer Grades 5-8
  • Golf - Coed Grades 5-8

Lower grade players with exceptional ability may be moved up to Varsity to compete at a higher level in order to reach their full potential as an athlete. The decision to do so will be decided by the Athletic Director on the recommendation by coaches.


Expectations and Eligibility

Junior Spartans - This is an intramural program for grades pre-k - 5th grade. Generally there is a one hour practice and a one hour game each week for 6 weeks. There may be additional practice at the start of the season to make sure the players are ready to play in the game. This program is designed to develop the fundamental skills of various sports so that kids can learn to enjoy playing various sports. We focus on Sportsmanship and fundamentals. All players will play. Score is not officially kept. Coaches volunteer and ref the games. This is purely a time to enjoy staying active, learning a sport, and school pride.

JV – This is the entry level, the learning stage, for competitive sports. The main purpose for this level is to learn the fundamentals and skills of the game. At this level all students play in every game (match for volleyball), however, not necessarily equal time. Playing time is earned by the player’s readiness to contribute in a positive way. While winning the game is still the primary goal, the opportunity for all athletes to participate and experience athletics is the main goal.

Varsity – The varsity teams apply all of their experience and ability to winning the game. Teaching of the skills will continue to be stressed. Although everyone will have the opportunity to participate, it is possible that not every athlete will have the chance to play in every game. The game is played with the intention of getting a good end of season seeding for the state tournament, preparing the players to compete in high school, and bringing home a victory.

Eligibility for Middle School Athletics

Although Our Savior is primarily an academic institution, the school endeavors to provide interested students the opportunity of joining a sports team. Unless a special exception is made by the principal and athletic director, students who maintain at least a cumulative “C” grade average in all subjects without more than one D or a failing grade in any one subject and display proper behavior and conduct in school at all times may go out for the teams. Where completion of assignments, quality of effort, and conduct become a problem, the following guidelines will apply:

Temporary Suspension
The grades of each athlete are checked at midterms and the end of quarters. If the grades for any student fall below a “2.0” average for all subject areas, obtain more than one D, or fail in any one subject, the parents and student are notified, and the student will be placed on a one-week suspension. If at the end of the week the student’s grades meet the above criteria, the student is again eligible. If at the end of that week the grades are still below the criteria, the student is ineligible until the end of the next grading period (mid-term or quarter). The student on suspension may not participate in any practices or games. However, they are required to sit through practice and sit on the bench during games. The athlete does not dress in a team uniform.

A student who receives official school disciplinary action due to behavior, will also be placed on athletic suspension. Students receiving a parent notification form due to behavioral problems are ineligible for the next scheduled activity.

Removal from the Roster
Repeated violations of the rules may result in the player being removed from the roster. The decision to remove a player from the team will be made by the coach, athletic director and principal.



Students Absent from school due to illness or for an unexcused absence are not allowed to participate in practices or games that day. If a student in attendance does not participate in Physical Education class they are also ineligible that day.

Sports Fee

There is a sports fee per student for each sport for the fall, winter and spring seasons. Families will be billed after registration and will be required to pay the business office the amount by the end of the season. Make sure to mark on the memo what the payment is for. Do not combine with other payments for school related fees.


Uniforms are the property of Our Savior. Proper care of uniforms is expected. Uniforms are not to be worn outside of scheduled events. Washed and cleaned uniforms should be returned one week after the conclusion of the season.


Transportation to and from games is addressed on the sport schedule handed out at the beginning of the season. Parents are able to take their child home from the game after letting the coach know they are leaving. If a parent is unable to attend a game, please pick your child up at OSLS at the designated time. Any child not picked up will be sent to the after school program. If the return time is after hours, please be respectful of the bus driver's time. They are volunteering and should not have to wait at OSLS.


All students desiring to play on a Junior Varsity team will be given the opportunity to participate. Every reasonable effort will be made to accept all students on the varsity level. However, if the eligible number of team members is deemed to be unmanageable, cuts may be made.


Practice, Game, and Tournament Expectations

Practice and Games

A printed schedule of all games and practices will be handed out as soon as possible. No team will practice more than three times per week once the first game has been played. Please keep coaches informed when a student is unable to attend a practice and especially if he/she is unable to attend a game.


We are a part of the Central Florida Lutheran Athletic Association and participate in post-season tournaments. Tournament locations will be posted on the athletic schedules. Tournaments will sometimes require the players to stay overnight 1 maybe 2 nights. Information on particulars will be sent out as soon as possible in the days leading up to the event. Note that at the beginning of the season, players and families are committing themselves to participating in the season ending event.

Raising Concerns with the Coach

During a game, the coach has many things on his/her mind, especially if the game is an emotional one. For this reason parents should never bring their concerns about coaching strategies to the attention of the coach during the game. If there are any questions about coaching strategies or about player participation, the time to raise concerns with the coach is the next day. The concern can be more objectively discussed and a proper solution can be determined. Concerns should be directed in the following order: 1) coach 2) athletic director 3) principal 4) chairman of the school board.


Christian Athlete Award

The Our Savior Lutheran School Christian Student Athlete Award will be presented to one 8th grade girl and one 8th grade boy that most exhibits the characteristics of Christian sportsmanship and team dedication. Any 8th grade student participating in one or more team sports is eligible to receive this award. The recipient of this award is determined by the input from coaches of their varsity teams, teachers, and athletic director. The criteria for receiving the award: hard working student, Christian sportsmanship, outstanding leadership on and off the field of play. The award winner will have their name engraved on a plaque to be hung in the middle school wing, as well as an individual plaque.

1 Corinthians 10:31, “…Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”


Guide for Behavior of Players and Spectators


  1. Team players are representing their school and their Lord and will do so in a Christ-like manner
  2. Players will show respect for property when visiting other schools.
  3. Players will try their best, displaying Christian action while competing to win the game.
  4. Players will win with humility and lose with grace.
  5. Players are not to question the decisions of referees, but accept those decisions graciously.
  6. Players will play within the rules and keep a fair sense of play.
  7. Players may never use crude, vulgar, or un-Christian language.
  8. Players are to be polite to opposing coaches and teams.
  9. Players will never belittle or make fun of other players.
  10. Players will respect their coaches as their parents’ representatives.


  1. Spectators at games should at all times behave in a Christian manner.
  2. Cheering will always be positive, and negative yelling will not be tolerated.
  3. Fans who are parents, should give Christian witness to their children on the team.
  4. Fans should at all times show respect for the referees.
  5. Spectators should encourage one another to behave in a Christian manner.
  6. Fans should respect others’ property when visiting other schools.
  7. Spectators should be kind and polite to opposing teams, coaches and fans.
  8. Parents of players should instruct their children that their Christian witness and fair play are more important than winning.
  9. Fans should be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
  10. Rude, vulgar, and un-Christian language by spectators will not be tolerated.


  1. Coaches represent the school, teachers, parents, and Christ when with the players.
  2. Coaches will emphasize as their main goal the development of Christian attitudes toward athletics.
  3. Winning should be secondary to positive Christian teaching.
  4. Coaches should always represent their Lord in appearance, attitude and action.
  5. When questioning referees’ decisions, coaches should do so in a God-pleasing manner.
  6. Coaches should by their speech and action, demonstrate proper game behavior to their players and fans.
  7. Rude and vulgar language are never to be used by coaches.
  8. Coaches are to instruct their players in a kind and loving manner, and should not berate the players in their care.
  9. Coaches should discipline children who are not demonstrating Christian behavior by removing them from competition.
  10. Coaches should instruct players about the proper respect of property when visiting other schools.

* Responsibility for enforcing these rules for players, fans, and coaches is the responsibility of the Our Savior Athletic Director.