Embracing the Beauty of the Arts

A Creative Haven for Artistic Expression
Welcome to Our Savior Lutheran School's Arts Programs, where we invite students to explore, create, and celebrate the world of visual and performing arts. Discover how our commitment to artistic excellence enhances the educational experience for all.

Art instruction assists students with the development in the areas of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and creativity.

  • Preschool: Art is incorporated into the classroom experience through projects and center time.
  • Elementary: Students receive art instruction once a week for 40 minutes. Students learn how to use art tools and materials safely and independently. Students learn basic art vocabulary and the elements of art. The art class is a place where students develop confidence while creating.
  • Middle School: Students can choose to continue developing their creativity by taking an art elective twice a week.

Dance Stars by Stretch-n-Grow