Car Line

Car Line Procedures

Safe and Efficient Pick-ups
  • Everyone in the green and blue pick up line must stay in their cars and stay in line. Parked cars who need to back out into the car line only slow everyone who is patiently in line waiting.
  • Everyone in the red pick up line must park and line up in the grass according to class. Signs will be along the sidewalk between the street and the gate.
  • At 3:10 pm, the K - 8th grade classes will meet in the center of the campus to connect older siblings in the family to the youngest student in the family and take them to the pick up spot.
  • At 3:15 pm, the students will be in their pick up spots according to the youngest student in the family. This way each family will only need to go to one pick up spot.
  • If your child is carpooling with someone else, please email so we can help get your child to the right spot.