Spiritual Life

Faith in Education

Discovering God's Plan for Our Students
Our Savior Lutheran School in St. Petersburg, FL, is dedicated to building strong foundations of faith in our students. Through prayer, scripture study, chapel services, and meaningful discussions, we aim to guide our students on a spiritual journey that will serve them throughout their lives.

Our approach to nurturing faith is deeply rooted in providing a holistic education that encompasses both academic excellence and spiritual growth. We believe that faith is not a separate aspect of life but an integral part of it. By integrating faith into their daily experiences, we empower our students to develop a profound and enduring relationship with God, preparing them to face life's challenges with grace and conviction.

We offer various means to assist every student in their Faith Journey.

What is Lutheran

Our Lutheran heritage profoundly influences every aspect of Our Savior Lutheran School, shaping our curriculum, teaching methods, and commitment to nurturing students' character and empathy. Rooted in Lutheran values, we provide a strong moral compass and foster an environment where faith, excellence, and compassion coexist, enriching the educational experience.

Chapel & Devotions

Our students actively engage in devotions, chapel services, and daily Bible time. They share their faith journeys, talents, and insights, creating a vibrant, inclusive worship experience. This includes daily classroom devotions, Bible learning, and weekly chapel services where older students guide younger ones in worship.

Service & Missions

Explore how Our Savior Lutheran School demonstrates its dedication to service by providing students with mission and service opportunities that encourage them to actively contribute to their community and beyond, putting their faith into action.

Baptism Breakfasts

Our Savior offers monthly baptism orientation breakfast gatherings for families interested in learning about baptism. During these gatherings, you can participate in presentations and discussions. If your family wishes to be baptized, this opportunity is available. To learn more, please contact the Church Office.