Making a Difference

Our Commitment to Positive Impact
At Our Savior Lutheran School, your student is a valuable part of the Christ-centered community. Your student is a unique gift of God with much to share. The engaging environment encourages all types of learners and promotes growth.

Our Savior Lutheran School Mission

Empowering Students for Success
At Our Savior Lutheran School, under God's direction, is dedicated to the spiritual, academic, physical, social, and emotional development of God's children equipping them to love God, love people, and serve in God's world.

Our Savior Lutheran School Philosophy

Our Core Beliefs
We believe that all people are God's creation and a gift from Him. When we disobey God's law, we become separated from Him. In order to be made right with God, Jesus Christ was sent into the world. When a person comes to understand that Jesus is his Savior through the Holy Spirit and baptism, he is forgiven and becomes empowered to be a called servant of Christ. Through God's love and forgiveness, we are free to glorify God by serving.

Children are special in the eyes of God with their own talents and abilities. Our goal is to lead all children to realize that all their abilities and talents are gifts from God and are to be used for service in His kingdom. It is our purpose to enhance all children's self-esteem, and enlighten them to recognize and respect each person's unique gifts.

Our ministry recognizes that the family is the primary influence in the total education of a child. Our faculty and staff believe that this influence can be most effective when the home, church, and school work together.

Therefore, our goal is to assist families in preparing each child to live as a productive Christian citizen in our world. We dedicate ourselves to providing a quality Christian education which is academically challenging. We maintain a qualified, dedicated, experienced and certified faculty. Giving glory to God, we strive to maintain a positive, cooperative relationship in the education of His children.