Living out Lutheran Values: Faith in Action

By MarilynBrownlee
On August 15, 2023

If there’s one phrase that can effectively sum up the importance of the Lutheran faith, it’s “lead by example.” Now, there’s much more to being a devout Lutheran than simply attesting to believing in God and his son, Jesus Christ. In an age where more and more people have strayed away from the doctrines and values preached in the gospel, it’s more important than ever that we follow the example set by Christ when he called upon us to be fishers of men and a beacon of light and hope in a world that seems to become more perpetually dark with each passing year. How do we do this? Well, we must believe in living a life led by faith and not by sight and set an example for others.

The Presence of Absence

If there’s one major flaw in our world that we all fall prey to, it’s superficiality. All too often, we engage in hypocrisy, putting our faith on the back burner. The presence of an absent faith and devotion is something we’re seeing all too often. This means neglecting to attend services, not following the teachings of the gospel, and falling prey to the shallow trappings of materialism that dominate the society we live in. The flesh is temporary, and by spending more time obsessing over it, we lose touch with the message of Christ and what he expects from us as his children.

Hiding Behind a Mask of Falsehoods

The superficiality many have chosen to hide behind is becoming increasingly apparent. It amounts to doing one thing but saying another. We put on the mask when we’re around our brothers and sisters in Christ, but so many are guilty of dropping this facade when we’re among others on our own time. This is equivalent to the wicked tree bearing spoiled fruit and the serpent in the garden who offered even the apple through deception. No matter how good these people might be at fooling those around them, Christ sees through this mask. By living our lives through his teachings and allowing them to permeate the entire scope of our existence, we have a chance for a more rewarding life in his kingdom.

Our Savior Lutheran Church and School

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