Artificial Intelligence in Our Lutheran World

By MarilynBrownlee
On July 11, 2023

A common expression used when describing the work towards accomplishing an arduous task is “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The greatest works in human history were crafted through time and perseverance. Every building begins with a single brick, and every journey starts with a single step. In this world where technology has led to great advancements that have benefited humanity, a major talking point regarding in recent months has been the utilization of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to craft artwork, writing, and everything else that was once made by humanity. What does this mean for those of us who ascribe to the Lutheran faith? Do we adapt or reject this technological breakthrough?

Rejection of False Prophets

A script bot didn’t just create the gospels we base our principles on. In them, the building blocks for living a better life through the example of Jesus Christ are laid out in great detail. And perhaps there’s no other lesson that resonates in the world we currently live in than Christ warning us about safeguarding ourselves against false prophets. The question then becomes what the correlation between false prophets and AI share with one another. The answer lies both within the gospel and the words spoken to us when we attend a Sunday service.

When Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic faith, he did so out of the necessity to not be led through a mediator to experience the glory of God. When we attend a service, we trust our pastor to deliver us news and messages that give us hope. These come from a strong relationship with Christ, one that is found within the gospels. Both of these are worlds of creation, just as the act of God creating us. And while the computer age has certainly brought with it the ability for us to become more connected with one another and have several conveniences placed at our fingertips, it’s also dehumanized the human experience to a point where it’s almost become artificial. AI represents the possibility for false doctrines to be spread and messages that lead us astray from the path we’ve chosen to follow. Just like the bad tree not bearing good fruit, we must not be swayed.

Our Savior Lutheran Church

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