Cost of Education

The cost of education is one that continue to rise. As a parish school, our school receives support from Our Savior Lutheran Church and its members. These members, young and old, understand the value of a strong Christian Private School education and they are committed to the financial and spiritual support of our school. By the graciousness of our members we are able to provide an excellent education in a private school setting and still have the ability to offer affordable tuition.

Tuition Payments & Fees

Tuition may be paid monthly (by automatic funds transfer), bi-annually, or annually. Monthly tuition payments are determined by dividing the yearly rate by 10 or 12, resulting in 10 or 12 monthly payments (paid from July through April (10 months) or June through May (12 months). Tuition and Daycare fees are based on the number of days in which school is in session. It does NOT include vacation periods or days that the school is closed for faculty in-service. The Preschool rates and Daycare fees include days on which there is an early dismissal. Last year, students at Our Savior School received over $150,000 in aid from the state of Florida and school scholarships. Please contact us to schedule a tour and discuss tuition options: 727 344-1026.

Daycare Extended Care

Our Savior offers a licensed Extended Care program as well as school vacation care and summer camp programs. Before and after school care is available to give you the peace of mind that your child is being properly cared for from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. There are a variety of ways to pay for this care, from adding it to your monthly tuition, signing up for Holiday Care, or getting charged a flat rate of $5 per hour.

Other Incidental Fees

Other miscellaneous expenses may arise during the year, please contact our office for more details.