STEM Class

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math = STEM.

We are excited to have a STEM program at Our Savior Lutheran School!   This is an approach to education that focuses on the four disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. In a time when technical and scientific skills are increasingly important in the workforce, exposing children to STEM learning in the early years is very important to us at Our Savior.

Mrs. Pisieczko leads this program and the class meets twice a week for 9 weeks with selected grade levels, giving all grades Preschool through 8th grade the opportunity to participate in this new program.  The grade levels are changed after 9 weeks and different classes are included. This allows us to give every child the STEM experience.  The students will be given a challenge that they will need to explore and solve. At times they will work alone or in small or large groups, helping them develop the skills needed to experience success in the future.  Throughout the year we will post some of our challenges with pictures so you can see what the students are up to.

Mrs. Pisieczko has been teaching the students here at Our Savior for 35 years! A few years ago she retired from full-time teaching but continues teaching here part-time. She loves being with the students and bringing new experiences into the classroom.  We are excited to have this new STEM program and so far the kids are LOVING it!!