STEM Wish List

Calling on all Butterfly Gardeners and Enthusiast

We have started a new Science Program at Our Savior and need your help.  We are going to develop a butterfly garden with the students to use for educational purposes throughout the school year(s). This project is part of the STEM program we have started this school year.  We will include all areas of education in this program. The meaning of this acronym is:

S science

T technology

E engineering

M math

 Wish List for Butterfly Garden

Any donations would be greatly appreciated

Local Host Plants

Local Succulent Plants

Mini Watering System

Small garden Fence

Butterfly Feeder

Large Stones

Sand or Gravel

Caterpillar Pop up Cages  (insect lore butterfly growing kit)

Insect lore Butterfly Growing Kit (class set or any item here)

Plastic Plates (100)

Netting to make Butterfly Cages     

      If you can help up in these areas for the Butterfly Garden or any other way please contact

Janice Pisieczko at Our Savior School 344-1026 or