School lunch program and menu

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Welcome to White Hat Food Service Solutions!

We are privileged to have the honor to have been selected to provide your students with lunch service.

White Hat is dedicated to providing students with great nutrition, popular selections and significant value to all we serve. Our unique philosophy allows us to provide great food, fresh fruits and vegetables while still delivering value to all.

How the program works: Lunches include a full meal, complete with the main course, side dish, fruit or vegetable, and beverage selection (juice or water). Tickets may be purchased by check or cash prior to lunch service; we do not accept cash on the service line for individual daily meals.  Please make checks payable to White Hat.

Lunch tickets are sold in books of five tickets per book for $27.50. Tickets are good throughout the school year and year to year.

Tickets may be used on any day of White Hat provided service; this allows students and parents to decide daily if they choose to participate. No advanced ordering is required.

For students packing lunch, beverages will be sold for $1.00 cash, exact change, please. Beverage selections include juice or bottled water.

To reduce expenses and to provide all students with the best value we do not accept charges for meals. At the discretion of the administration students who do not have a meal ticket or have forgotten their lunch will be provided with a hot lunch then subsequently billed $7.00 by the school.

How do I buy tickets?

  • Through the school office

What about allergies? While we are sensitive to everyone’s needs we can not guarantee in any way that products have not come in contact with or have been manufactured free of peanut oils, gluten and other common allergy items. We respectfully request that if your student is highly allergic that your student packs their lunch from home.

Questions: Please feel free to let us know how we may assist you!
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We are here to serve you and look forward to seeing you at school!
John McCarthy and Gina Wallace @ White Hat Food Service