Re-Open plan for 2020-2021

Re-entry Plan for Our Savior Lutheran School

All guidelines are subject to change at any time.

It is our intent to have students physically present in our classrooms receiving face-to-face contact with teachers and their classmates.

At this time we are not able to offer more than in-class instruction.  We realize that some students have medical considerations that may put them at risk in the environment that we are able to provide.  We strongly recommend that if your child or someone in your family may have a condition that could put them at risk in our environment that you  consider an  alternative schooling option.  Please contact the school office (344-1026) if you choose to make other arrangements.

This plan is fluid and may change at any time to provide for the health and safety of our students, staff and families.


Please visit our Facebook page – Our Savior Lutheran Church and School or our website  for any and all information.  You can also call 727-344-1026 to reach a staff member in the school office.

School Calendar:

For the health and safety of our students and staff, there will be no attendance awards this year.

The first day of school in our classrooms is Wednesday, August 12th.  

Our yearly calendar can be found on our school’s website:

Our school times:

Preschool-2nd grade 8:30-3:00

3rd – 5th grade 8:30-3:15

6th-8th grade 8:05-3:15


All tuition and fees are required to be paid according to the terms of the enrollment contract.  This is regardless if we are in school or in a quarantine (virtual) setting.


Students will not be transported off campus for the first month of school.  We will re-evaluate after the first 30 days of school.

Health and Safety Protocols:

For the protection of classmates and staff, all people in the facility will be required to wear a mask or a neck sleeve that covers both the nose and mouth and is comfortable.

The only mask dress guideline that we ask you to abide by is that the mask have the student name on it and not be scary, distracting, or offensive.  

Classroom doors and gates will remain open in the morning to minimize the amount of people who will touch surfaces.

All doors knobs and light switches will be sanitized daily.

Frequent hand sanitizing/washing will take place daily.

Restrooms (except middle school) will be assigned by grade and cleaned throughout the day.

Student desks and chairs will be sanitized daily.

All students will need to bring a labeled water bottle as the drinking fountains are to be used for filling water bottles only.  Disposable cups will be available at some of the playground water fountains.

If your child becomes sick or has a fever (100.4 or higher) while at school, he/she will be put in isolation until a parent comes to pick him/her up.  

If your child is sent home with a fever, a doctor’s note will be required in order for your child to return to school. 

If your child has any COVID-19 or other health related symptoms, please keep them at home, check with a doctor, follow their guidance, and then call the school office (344-1026)  Giving children medication to reduce a temperature, and then sending them to school, not only puts our school at risk of quarantine, but may keep other parents from being able to work also. Notify us if someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19.

We are required to contact the Health Department and then follow the directions they give to us.

 School Nutrition:

All staff will abide by current guidelines for food preparation and distribution.

White Hat Catering will be our hot lunch provider.

Lunch schedules will be adjusted to maximize social distancing.

Lunch will be eaten in the classroom, in most cases.  Hot lunches will be delivered to the classrooms.

Only store bought items can be brought in for birthdays or classroom parties.

Please pack extra food for your child if your child is in after school care, preschool, or prekindergarten as we will not be providing snacks in these programs.


All students in grades K-8 will be assigned an individual device that has access to Google Classroom, AR, and Zoom.

Academic Plan:  Classroom Setting

We will resume our normal academic plan for each grade and subject.

Classroom seating arrangements will be adjusted for some separation of students, although, they will not be 6 feet apart.

If possible, carpeted areas will be removed from classrooms.

Students(K-8) and teachers will be required to wear masks during all inside learning activities.  

Sneeze guards are available for classroom use.

We plan to provide materials for each student’s individual use, however, there may be times when we are not able to do this (PE).

Large group activities (chapel, lunch room use, flag raising, etc.) will not take place.  These activities are an important part of who we are.  When it is deemed safe to have these activities, we will resume them.  Chapel will be done virtually in the classrooms at 9:00 on Wednesdays.

Areas to be used as outside learning environments will be available to the students and teachers, where they can socially distance without a mask.

Teachers will rotate location, not the students.  

Middle school students will have minimal locker use.  A time will be allotted for each grade level to have access at different times in the day.

At this time there is no plan for e-learning; we do not have the staff or the resources to do both.  We will incorporate e-learning if we would have to quarantine a classroom or building.

Drop off and pick up procedures: 

Pick up and drop off positions will be moved to reduce interaction between the classes. 

Parking and pick up information will be provided by your classroom teacher before the start of the school year.


Many special classes may be hosted virtually in your child’s classroom.  To keep our students and staff safe, and to avoid shut down, some special classes may meet more often than others.  The special classes your child has may change at the end of each quarter.  For example:  Your child may have music class face-to-face during the first quarter and have virtual lessons for Spanish.   

Library – we will be trying a bookmobile approach where the library may come to the students.  There will be no set library time.

PE- Each class (K-8) will have PE twice a week on campus.  Middle school students will also have all PE classes on campus until further notice. Equipment will be sanitized after each class.


Playgrounds will be sanitized each morning.

Each class (pre-k through 8th grade) will have their own recess time.

Whole Child:

Temperatures will be taken at the beginning of each school day.

Teachers/school staff will regularly check students’ well-being.


After 8:30 a.m. access to the school, for all parents and guests must take place through the school office.  Please park on the grass on Fourth Avenue, as the office gate will be the only way to enter campus (all the other gates will be locked at 8:30).  Areas other than the school office will be limited to essential personnel and students.

Any and all visitors must wear a mask or neck sleeve in the buildings at all times.

Only teachers, staff, and students will be allowed access to the classrooms.

Field trips and Extracurricular Activities:

There will be no athletics at this time or after school programs outside of daycare. 

Be aware of your interactions outside of school – It doesn’t matter how great a job we do here at school, if you as parents, or your children, or our staff members let down our guard we can affect the whole community.

Before and After School Care:

Day care groups will be separated by building.  For example: K & 3, 1& 2, 4& 5 and Middle School.

Middle School students may be dropped off as early as 7:45am without charge.

PS-5 grade students can be dropped off as early as 7:55am without charge.

Additional details will be sent out when group sizes are finalized.