We are pleased to announce that we received a 95% A+ rating from the Florida Department of Education!

In addition to offering early childhood education programs for 2 and 3-year-olds, we also are a certified provider of the Florida Voluntary Pre Kindergarten program. Voluntary Pre Kindergarten, also known as VPK, is a Florida program that is designed to help prepare four-year-old children for Kindergarten by giving them a solid educational foundation on which to build their success.

The goal of our Voluntary Pre K is to increase your child’s self-confidence, give them opportunities to socialize with their peers, and to prepare them for Kindergarten by giving them learning opportunities in the areas of Language arts, Math, and Science. In addition, the children attend Chapel once a week and also receive instruction in the areas of Spanish, Music, and Technology.

Our Savior Lutheran’s VPK program is one of the finest in the Pinellas County area and is taught by loving early education teachers in an environment that will help children foster social and physical development. Our classroom curriculum is designed to not only meet the requirements of the Pinellas County VPK Licensing Board requirements but to exceed them! In fact, Our VPK educators have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education. Our educator’s goals far surpass what is required and not only do they help the children prepare for Kindergarten but they also help them build skills needed for critical thinking and problem-solving.

Highlights of our VPK Pinellas County program include:

  • Free Tuition thru the Florida VPK Program
  • Class instruction time from 8:30-11:45
  • Age-appropriate learning in a Christian environment
  • Opportunities to learn thru play
  • Fun Holiday Celebrations such as our Fall Festival and Christmas Musical

Highlights of our Pre-K Enrichment program (11:45-3:30) include:

  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Library
  • PE
  • Sign Language
  • Additional instruction in science
  • Additional socialization, peer interaction, and creativity
  • Early morning and afternoon daycare available
  • Hot lunch available for purchase

Our Savior Lutheran is happy to schedule a tour before you receive your VPK voucher. However, in order to complete the registration process, parents or guardians will need to apply for the Free Voluntary Pre Kindergarten in Pinellas, by registering their child with the Florida VPK program.  Please check out our Pre-K videos to give you a great overview of what OSLS can offer your child!

“I went to school to become an educational psychologist, but a teacher along the way convinced me I could be a good early childhood teacher – now 25 years later I can see that both are blended fields. I love being able to see why and how a child is doing something, why they acquire a skill that way, and especially to help those struggling kids – the ones that need strategies to pull them along and make them successful. I love the a-ha moments and the successes – that is what brings joy to teaching.”
– Wendy Niska, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher