Middle School

Grades 6-8
Strong scholastic habits and individual core characteristics are encouraged and nurtured during the Middle School years. We maintain a small teacher-to-student ratio. As students go through many changes and challenges, the faculty works closely with them to build leadership skills, time management, and instill individual character. The goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to be able to think critically and independently.

Key Areas of Development: 

  • Critical Thinking: develops as students read, analyze, discuss, and interpret a variety of genre of literature
  • Communication: effectively communicate their thoughts, emotions, desires, knowledge, and faith through the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, spelling, vocabulary and grammar
  • Vocabulary and Grammar: evaluate written works for content, reliability and authenticity which assist in the completion a research paper
  • Mathematics: challenges in such areas as measurement, fractions, decimals, scientific notation and more in addition to practicing the basic functions with larger numbers and more complex problems
  • Science: they include individual and group projects, laboratory experiences in the Science lab, interactive games and review activities, hands-on Science activities, guest speakers, and field trips.
  • Social Studies: include history, geography, government, current events, citizenship and society
  • Technology & Advance Computer Skills: students complete projects in PowerPoint, Excel, and Web Design using a computer lab and in-class music technology, and coding
  • Physical Education: is provided both on and off campus, twice a week which includes team and individual sports, developing skills in those sports, and personal fitness
  • Religion: In keeping with the purpose of Our Savior Lutheran School, our curriculum begins with the Word of God. The truths of the Bible are taught not only during the religion period, but these truths permeate all teaching. It is our aim to instill into the hearts and minds of the children entrusted to us a Christian philosophy of life – a philosophy that will lead to interpretation and evaluation of every facet of experience from the Christian viewpoint. In every classroom, worship, prayer, and Bible study occurs daily. Church history and study in Christianity are added in the upper grades. Bible selections, hymn verses and parts of Luther’s Small Catechism are studied and memorized.

Our middle school students may qualify for classes that offer high-school credit and other elective courses; giving them an advantage when applying for magnet or honors programs.

High School Credits:
• Spanish
• Mathematics: Advanced Algebra I Honors is offered to those qualify and high school credit can be achieved as well
• Advanced English

Fine Arts:
Fine Arts are provided as electives in middle school. The student and parent chooses their electives each semester. Below are some examples:
• Drama/Improv
• Spanish
• Art
• Music tech
• Financial Planning
• Study skills
• Steel drum band

High School Credits:
• Spanish
• Mathematics: Advanced Algebra I Honors is offered to those qualify and high school credit can be achieved as well

Junior National Honors Society:
The National Junior Honor Society is an organization which recognizes outstanding middle school students. These students show excellence in areas of scholarship, leadership, character, and citizenship. Students are selected first because of their scholarship, which means they have a 3.5 GPA or higher. Then they are selected by teachers and NJHS members because of their excellence in these other areas. Throughout the year NJHS does service projects, take leadership roles in school events and raise money to help local charitable organizations.