The Kindergarten year prepares children to be successful and inquisitive learners.

  • Language Arts: Based on a strong foundation in phonics to create a success in reading, spelling, and writing, children are exposed to literature to enrich their vocabulary and their minds. They learn to blend sounds into words, read on their own, and write words, sentences, and even stories. Library time is provided weekly.
  • Mathematics: Children continue to build on their concrete experiences and move into the more abstract areas. An awareness and application of patterns in numbers develops and children begin simple addition and subtraction and work with time, measurement, classification and more.
  • Science & Social Studies: Hands-on experiences abound to enrich the interest of learning and instill learning foundations in these areas.
  • Technology: A computer lab and in-class technology (i-pad stations and smart boards) are incorporated into student learning.
  • Fine Arts: Spanish, Music, Art and Physical Education are provided on a weekly basis to encompass a well-rounded academic program.
  • Religion: Curriculum begins with the Word of God. The truths of the Bible are taught not only during the religion period, but these truths permeate all teaching.

It is our aim to instill into the hearts and minds of the children entrusted to us a Christian philosophy of life – a philosophy that will lead to interpretation and evaluation of every facet of experience from the Christian viewpoint. In every classroom, worship, prayer and Bible study occurs daily. In the lower grades, the instruction consists of learning Bible stories, together with their application to life situations.

“Just being able to be a part of shaping and molding these amazing children that God has entrusted to us. It is truly a blessing to watch them grow.”

Blair Ewin – Kindergarten Teacher OSLS