Grades 1 – 5

The outstanding staff of Our Savior Lutheran School continues to provide the tools for learning and development throughout the 1st through 5th grades. A safe, nurturing, and enriched educational environment help children to grow socially, spiritually, morally,
physically, emotionally as well as academically.

  • Language Arts: The phonetic approach to reading continues to be supported and expanded in the early elementary years. The study of language and its patterns support the children and help them become confident readers and writers. The Advanced Reading (AR) program begins in 1st grade and exposes the students to a variety of genre and helps develop critical thinking skills, enriched vocabulary, and a love of literature. Elementary students visit our school library weekly.
  • Mathematics: Mathematic skills continue to develop and computational skills are reinforced. Problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning skills are emphasized as well. Children are exposed to not only the four basic operations, but to fractions, decimals, geometry, English and Metric measurement, and more.
  • Science & Social Studies: Hands-on and engaging experiments help students gain an understanding of Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and the Human Body. The Social Studies curriculum grows from learning about getting along with others to the history of the world and everything in-between. Students learn through discussions, projects, reports, reading and technology.
  • Technology: a computer lab and in class technology are incorporated into student learning.
  • Fine Arts: Spanish, Music, Art and Physical Education are provided on a weekly basis to encompass a well-rounded academic program. Students in 3rd grade Music learn to read music and play a recorder (a flute-type instrument). Students in 4th grade continue to expand their skills in reading music and learn to apply music to hand chimes. 5th grade students begin playing handbells.
  • Religion: In keeping with the purpose of Our Savior Lutheran School, our curriculum begins with the Word of God. The truths of the Bible are taught not only during the religion period, but these truths permeate all teaching. It is our aim to instill into the hearts and minds of the children entrusted to us a Christian philosophy of life – a philosophy that will lead to interpretation and evaluation of every facet of experience from the Christian viewpoint. In every classroom, worship, prayer and Bible study occurs daily. In the lower grades, the instruction consists of learning Bible stories, together with their application to life situations.