Covid Information

The following Covid guidelines will be used when a student or staff member is sick. These guidelines align with current CDC recommendations.

Covid – When Someone Is Sick

  • Step 1:  After testing positive, the individual should stay home and isolate for a minimum of five days. The individual may return sooner than five days if he subsequently receives a negative test from a testing facility.

    • If the individual has symptoms, day zero is the day his symptoms began (regardless of when he tested positive). Day one is the day after his symptoms began.

    • If the individual has no symptoms, day zero is the day he was tested (not the day of the test result), and day one is the day after the test. If the individual never develops symptoms, he should be isolated for five days.

    • Positive at-home tests will be accepted to verify that an individual is a positive case.

    • A negative at-home test will not be accepted for a student to return to school prior to day six after testing positive.

  • Step 2: On day six (or thereafter), the individual may return to school if his symptoms have resolved or are substantially reduced.

    • The individual must be fever-free for at least 24 hours without using any fever-reducing medications. If the individual has a fever, he must continue to stay home until the fever resolves.

    • The individual must have no more than a minimal, non-productive cough (i.e., not disruptive to school, doesn’t stop the individual from wearing a mask continuously, and is not coughing up phlegm).

    • The individual should wear a mask day 6 through 10.

    • As testing remains a key mitigation strategy, we encourage (but do not require) students to receive a negative antigen (rapid test) prior to returning to school.