COVID-19 Principal Messages

Welcome families!

Dear Parents,

Last evening Pinellas County Schools notified parents that they may be delaying the start of the school year until August 24, so they may plan , schedule and staff for the 3 options of instruction they will be providing.  We are not planning to do this.  We are planning to open our classrooms on August 12, as initially planned.

While being large in size provides many opportunities (busing, cafeteria, costly programs), being small in size can also be a blessing.  We are putting a plan into place that will keep students distanced by building.

We are working on scheduling now.  Many special classes may be hosted virtually in their classroom with the special teacher Zooming in so that we are not exposing students or our staff beyond those in their building.  To do this your child may have music class face to face with Mr. Fountain during the first quarter and have virtual lessons for Spanish with Sra. Carrillo.  Mr. Fountain then may teach virtual lessons to students in other buildings.  Second quarter, if necessary, we will rotate the specialty teachers to a new building.

There will be no athletics at this time or afterschool programs outside of day care.  Even day care groups will be separated by building.

Again, as I mentioned in my first notice, it is important that we look out for one another.  If your child has health related  symptoms, keep them home and check with your doctor.   I know it is important for you to work, however, it is important for all of us to work.  Giving children medication to reduce temperature, and then sending them to school, not only puts our school at risk of quarantine, but may keep other parents from being able to work also.  And it jeopardizes the health of our students and staff.  Let’s Live Love by showing care and respect for one another.

Notify us if someone in your household tests positive.  We will have to contact the Health Department and then follow the directions they give to us.   Our planning goal is to keep our students and staff safe so we can maintain the highest number of students involved in learning on campus at all times.  We can only do that with your help and cooperation.

It’s not perfect, (The one thing I do know is that things will change!) however, it does give us an opportunity to have students on campus and minimize the crossovers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
See you soon.

Live Love!

Jesse Crosmer