Admission Process

School Enrollment Procedures – Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

New students must submit a registration form along with a non-refundable deposit that goes towards tuition. Enrollment paperwork will be required prior to starting school.

School Enrollment Procedures – Elementary & Middle

1. New students in grades K-8 will be required to complete and pass a screening in the areas of Reading and Math. There is a non-refundable $30 fee for this screening.

2. If there are concerns, the parent(s) will talk with the principal.

3. Application for enrollment is made by filling out the application form provided by the school upon the parents’ request.

4. The application, most recent report card, test scores, a letter of recommendation from the student’s current teacher (required for incoming 4-8th grade) and screening results will be reviewed by the principal and faculty.

5. Students will be accepted based on the ability of Our Savior Lutheran School to meet their educational needs. There are cases where students have needs beyond the capabilities of Our  Savior’s expertise and resources; in those cases, Our Savior will not be able to accept those children as students in the school. The principal, in consultation with the faculty, will determine if the student’s needs can be met.

6. The parents will be promptly notified upon acceptance or non-admittance by the school office.

7. All new students are accepted on a one-quarter academic and social probationary status.